Louis Vuitton and Rei Kawakubo

Crazyiness in Tokyo. That’s how it all could be summarized. Nobody ever expected such a partnership between Rei Kawakubo – the Japanese fashion minimalist and french glamour fashion brand  Louis Vuitton. But it really did happen. One day Marc Jacobs met with the president of Comme des Garcons International and they had a talk. And it happened that it is 30 years since LV is in Japan. And it happened that they agreed that the event could be celebrated by Rei Kawakubo becoming a guess designer at LV, similarly like Murkamai had done before.  

Six Kawakubo bags that made such a fuzz are described as party bags with with multiple handles or two handles. She has also played with the LV monogram. These bags cost approximately from 750 to 2000 dollars.

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Louis Vuitton ManCrazy bag

LV Mancrazy Bag
LV Mancrazy Bag

All Louis Vuitton bags have their particular signature, however the Mancrazy bag is a bit different one. It was designed by artist Richard Prince. This limited edition bag features monogram rustic looking joke canvas (with funny lines as the bag’s name implies), golden brass parts, two independent compartments. This is another celebrity bag. Already Ashlee Simpson has been spotted with the Louis Vuitton Mancrazy.  You can buy this LV bag online as well.

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Jennifer Lopez LV
Jennifer Lopez LV

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