Christian Louboutin Shoes and Bags

Louboutin BagIn the fashion scene, shoes are regarded as part of the fashionable items that a true fashionista should have. One of the designers whom fashionistas take joy in is Christian Louboutin. He is primarily a shoe designer that has signature high heeled shoes with red soles. According to him, he got the inspiration of this shoe idea when he once saw in an African and Ocean Art Museum a painting of women who were wearing high heels with red soles.

Loubutin had humble beginnings too, like the other famous designers who became the pillars of the fashion scene around the world. He was born to a family of carpenters in Paris where he need to help fend food for himself and his family. He had to work at the young age of sixteen as an apprentice in a shoe factory. This paved the way to his success instead, when he put up his very own boutique in 1992. In 1994, he went to New York and established his brand there. Now, his brand of shoes and other products are already sold in more than 46 countries.

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He came to develop and design handbags when his friends and loyal shoe clients kept on bugging him to make handbags that would be a sure match for the shoes that he would design. This way, it will be lees trouble for them to pair up the right shoes and bags.

His famous bags consist of Studio 54 bag, Alpaca Satchel, Loubinette, and more. If you still want to be fashionable with the Louboutin style, you can avail of the replica Louboutin items online.

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Hermes Bags, the Ultimate Luxury Bags and their Replica

Hermes Birkin BagHermes is a luxury design business of the Hermes family. It started out in 1837 with the efforts of  Thierry Hermes. The company used to focus on producing and selling saddles and leather products. However, today, the company is selling hit products such as ties, scarves, jewellery, leather products, perfumes, home interiors and other fashion products. This was after Emile-Maurice Hermes inherited the company and transformed it into what it is today. The fashion house is based in Paris and has since expanded its operation to more than 30 countries around the world.

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Hermes handbags are classified as an exclusive line of handbags because they are not only rendered as a status symbol but they are also big investments on valuable and rare leather products which usually come from ostrich, crocodile, lizard, and calf. This is how unique their materials are which make them all the more expensive.

Two of the famous Hermes bags are the Kelly bag named after its model, Monaco Princess Grace Kelly, and the Birkin bag which was co-designed by the famous Hollywood actress Jane Birkin. Replica TodsReplica Chloe Bags .

Hermes bags are priced with the cheapest at six thousand dollars up to a price at which a hardcore Hermes customer would pay for. A customer sometimes has to wait for several years for the availability of a Hermes bag. However, there are good times when one can luckily go to a shop and find a Hermes bag there.

Due to the popularity of these luxury bags, there are different replicas available for sale. You can now buy a Hermes Kelly or a Hermes Birkin replica at affordable prices.