Jimmy Choo Bags and Knockoff Bags as Substitutes

Jimmy Choo purseJimmy Choo was born Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat into a shoemaker family, a legacy that he has made known and most desired among the fashionistas all over the world. He was educated at Cordwainers Technical College in London and finished his schooling in 1983. He had humble beginnings for he had to juggle his jobs at a restaurant and as a cleaner in order to continue his studies. His creations rose to fame when Princess Diana sported Jimmy Choo shoes.

Though Jimmy Choo has become famous for his footwear creations, he also makes many other fashionable products such as bags and other leather wears. Jimmy Choo does not limit his creativity in certain things when he can make more fashionistas happy with other creations.

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Jimmy Choo bags consist of the truly fashionable Bari bag which is made out of black crocodile leather and is only sold in ten limited pieces in the States. Each bag costs $28,000. Another beautiful creation from Choo is the Ramona bag. This bag though costs lesser than the Bari bag but is still expensive at 14,000 euros. The Saba bag can contain many things and is available in black, white, and zebra pattern. Replica Lambertson Truex, Knockoff Gucci, Faux Balenciaga shoes and handbags, replica Botkier purses.

He started Jimmy Choo Ltd. in 1996. Since his creations are expensive, here comes the Jimmy Choo knockoff which imitates some of the Choo products. The Jimmy Choos Mandah handbag is made of suede and leather. The Ruby Grainy bag is also available and looked elegant in red, though you can buy it in other colors as well. You can have the famous Saba bag at an affordable price if you will buy the knockoff version.