A Look at Available Burberry Bags and their Knockoffs

There are already many designer brands of products all over the world. Most of them are started by Italian and French designers. However, Burberry is another story. It is a US- and UK-based company that produces fashion clothing for men and women, perfumes, and accessories. Burberry tote

The proud founder of the company was Thomas Burberry and he had this achievement at the age of 21, in 1856. The company had its humble beginnings in selling outdoor clothing as a shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Another remarkable achievement by Burberry is that he was the one who invented gabardine, a fabric that is waterproof but is still breathable.

In 1924, the first of the legendary products of Burberry was launched, which was a line of trenchcoat. It had the iconic Burberry check symbol which is still used now. Then, the coats were added with a line of scarves, accessories, and bags.

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Burberry has ever since had a beautiful and continually improving culture of producing quality bags and other products. One of its most recent and welcomed creations are the Drawstrings tote bag. It also makes Burberry Warrior bag. Another attractive creation is the Burberry belted leather tote. The beauty of this bag lies in the fact that the bag can accommodate many things that you would like to carry with you without it looking distorted.

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A proud owner of a Burberry bag would have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a single bag. However, you can own a Burberry-looking bag if you will buy those Burberry knockoffs.