Jimmy Choo Bags and Knockoff Bags as Substitutes

Jimmy Choo purseJimmy Choo was born Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat into a shoemaker family, a legacy that he has made known and most desired among the fashionistas all over the world. He was educated at Cordwainers Technical College in London and finished his schooling in 1983. He had humble beginnings for he had to juggle his jobs at a restaurant and as a cleaner in order to continue his studies. His creations rose to fame when Princess Diana sported Jimmy Choo shoes.

Though Jimmy Choo has become famous for his footwear creations, he also makes many other fashionable products such as bags and other leather wears. Jimmy Choo does not limit his creativity in certain things when he can make more fashionistas happy with other creations.

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Jimmy Choo bags consist of the truly fashionable Bari bag which is made out of black crocodile leather and is only sold in ten limited pieces in the States. Each bag costs $28,000. Another beautiful creation from Choo is the Ramona bag. This bag though costs lesser than the Bari bag but is still expensive at 14,000 euros. The Saba bag can contain many things and is available in black, white, and zebra pattern. Replica Lambertson Truex, Knockoff Gucci, Faux Balenciaga shoes and handbags, replica Botkier purses.

He started Jimmy Choo Ltd. in 1996. Since his creations are expensive, here comes the Jimmy Choo knockoff which imitates some of the Choo products. The Jimmy Choos Mandah handbag is made of suede and leather. The Ruby Grainy bag is also available and looked elegant in red, though you can buy it in other colors as well. You can have the famous Saba bag at an affordable price if you will buy the knockoff version.

Bottega Veneta Bag for You

The Bottega Veneta collection is known for its classic and elegant designs. Among the most common design from this designer is the hand-woven leather style.  The same style can also be found from the belts and shoes of the same manufacturer. Bottega Veneta Clutch

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When you want to be fashionable and chic, you should check out Bottega Veneta knockoffs. You can find a lot of replicas of this fashion collection. The thing about this particular designer brand is that these are made of soft leather and clean lines. Moreover, you can find a collection of shoes, belts, and bags that are hand-woven.  Fake Michael Kors bags and belts, faux Mulberry, Perfect Replica Bag, Chloe Bag copies .

These are carefully put together by expert hands and not by some machine. You can only see beautiful handiwork here and nothing else. If you do not have the budget to purchase the genuine Bottega Veneta bag then your best option would be to buy a replica like the Veneta Butterfly or the Veneta Cabat clutch bag.

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YSL Classical Look on Authentic and Knockoff Bags

YSL BagThe man behind one of the world’s famous fashion companies, Yves Saint Laurent, died recently which made the fashion world depressed. However, this should not be so for the legendary designer did not bring his legacy with him to the ground. He left it behind for the people to enjoy and cherish. Each of his company’s creations has the classical look to it but with a subtle modern twist which an inexpert eye would not notice immediately.  Replica FendiKnockoff Balenciaga, Faux Botkier, Replica Chloe Bags .

To see the genius of the man behind YSL, here are two of the company’s famous bags. The Muse would be the ultimate bag for an edgy fashionista who wants to have variety for the bag is available in three colors and in three fabrics as well. This bag is characterized by suede on its front, leather flaps and canvas trims. When the price for this bag is not affordable for you, you can have the much cheaper replica versions. There is also the Crocodile Muse Two which has navy and purple colors. When you go online, you can find that there are so many online shops which can offer you cheaper replicas of these fashionable bags. The Rive Gauche tote is made out of patent and ostrich leather with an additional embossed crocodile design. This bag is undoubtedly expensive. More on YSL Bags on Sale…

The fashion company also offers Downtown Python bags and totem bags. These two styles can be availed of at discounted prices if you just know the right store to go to. You can also have discounts of purses and handbags which are truly authentic in some fashion houses, but sometimes people buy replica bags or knockoff bags.

Miu Miu, Prada’s Little Sister, Bags and its Replicas

Miu Miu BagWhen Prada’s founder, Mario Prada, died, his granddaughter, Miuccia, took over the management of the fashion luxury company. Even if many people might have waited to see her fall on her face as she was the last heir that they expect to bring Prada to its glory, she still succeeded and done so with flying colors.

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As Miuccia headed Prada, she created a more affordable line of fashion in 1992 that can cater to the needs of the younger fashionistas and the other new bloomers. She called her line Miu Miu. Today, Miu Miu’s products are more in the tone of earthly colors, such as brown. The designs of the handbags are simple, making them all the more youthful. Its current model is the Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst.

Since it is so important to the young people to be able to blend in to society, even in the ways if fashion trends, they would do so, almost at whatever expense. Good for  those who have the money to spare, they can afford to have their wardrobe changed every now and then when they saw new trends in clothing, shoes, designer bags & purses, accessories, and other fashionable products.

For those who can rarely afford to buy even a small wallet can already have Miu Miu products at more affordable prices. You can now bring home your own Miu Miu replica bag and look at it as though it really is a genuie Miu Miu. The Miu Miu Nappa Frame tote can give you an urban look and feel. The Diamond Leather bag can be a clutch and a shoulder bag as well.

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