Chanel handbags – 2.55

Chanel 2.55
Chanel 2.55

Everlasting elegance and class. French chic. Classical lines, quilted leather, famous pattern and the CC symbol, of course. Chanel bag is a must have for any bag fan.
One of the most known Chanel bags is the 2.55 bag. Created by Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel it was a revolutionary bag for the time and it still is one of the icon bags or IT bags. 2.55 is named after its launch date. This bag would be nothing special unless Coco Chanel hadn’t added long shoulder straps to it. It was a novelty in 1955. Coco did this for practical reasons – she simply wanted to free up her hands. Originally the 2.55 was produced in standard Chanel palette: beige, blue, brown and black. Today you can find the 2.55 in many colours and different materials, for example, tweed. This beautiful icon bag can be bought also online or in any Chanel boutique. There are also many Chanel replica bags on Internet. Some of these fake Chanel bags are made of good quality leather, however it can never replace the original Chanel handbag.

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